Where Is Spring? It’s Coming Faster Than Usual…

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Where is spring? Well it might be closer than you think.

First we have to define spring. There are multiple ways to do so, including solar positions and temperature. But another way is through phenology, the study of animal and plant cycles influenced by climate and weather!

We can actually map where spring is by where trees are starting to bud leaves and flowers are starting to bloom.

According to the USA National Phenology Network, which looks at leaf index, spring is making a comeback, and fast. For the Deep sout rare snowstorms and freezing temperatures, caused a slow start earlier this month, with spring leaves coming in 20 days late near the Gulf Coast.

The line shows you where Spring should be and the green shows you where Spring actually is. But thanks to our above average temperatures recently, and all the rains we received, Spring is now moving in faster than normal, by 5 to 10 days! It has already started to arrive in the River Valley, so expect more tree budding soon. Northwest AR, spring’s onset is almost here.

It looks like we’ve found Spring, and it’s just about on our doorstep. So six more weeks of winter for Arkansas and Oklahoma, probably not. Let us know if you’re seeing Spring in your backyard! Tracking the seasons where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

According to the USA National Phenology Network, which looks at leaf index, spring leaves came in 20:days late near the Gulf Coast. This is because of rare snowstorms and freezing temperatures this winter. But now, Spring is making a comeback, and fast.



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