Republican Challenger Jan Morgan Campaigns In Bentonville

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Republican challenger Jan Morgan who is vying to become the next Arkansas Governor appeared in Bentonville Tuesday night (Feb. 27) as part of her campaign trail.

Residents had the opportunity to meet Morgan and ask her questions.

5NEWS reporter Beraiah Baker asked Morgan a few questions including her thought of President Trump's recent proposal about arming public school teachers with guns. She also asked Morgan about tax cuts for Arkansans and how her political views oppose the views of Hutchinson's.

Q: President Trump recently proposed army teachers at public schools to remedy active shooter situations. What are your thoughts about this proposal?

A: "I think the last thing that people in the state want is Little Rock politicians telling them in the form of unfounded mandates and regulations and restrictions what that they should or should not do in every individual school district. I would like to put the power back in the hands of the people."

Q: State tax cuts have been at the forefront of heated debates among Arkansans. What do you say about this?

A: "You eliminate the waste in our government, and wasteful programs and spending, and you`re going to find there are lots of tax relief that we can give to the people of this state."

Q: You're running as Republican in the election. Current Governor Asa Hutchinson is also a Republican. How are your political views different from Hutchinson's?

A:"I`m on the conservative end I`m a fiscal conservative. Our citizens are among the poorest by income in America and also among the most heavily taxed, and that is a record that needs to be changed."