Black Hills Energy Customers Reporting Scam Attempts

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Black Hills Energy is warning customers not to become a victim of a scam.

Company employees report that customers have received calls regarding “late bills”. The scammers are reportedly telling the customers that they’re delinquent on their account and without immediate payment, service will be disconnected.

They warn that the scammers are becoming more sophisticated and will leave a callback number.

“Beware, as perpetrators are becoming more sophisticated, manipulating caller ID or leaving a callback number with a recording that mimics a utility’s phone system message and options,” York stated.

Amiee York who is the community affairs manager for the company stated in an email, “Individuals claiming ties to the utility may threaten to disconnect service if they are not paid immediately or may say you’ve overpaid and must provide personal bank account or credit card information for a refund. If your account is at risk of service disconnection or you’re due a refund, Black Hills Energy will issue advance written notices by mail.”

Concerned customers are encouraged to call customer service associates at (888)890-5554. Also, any customers concerned about the identity of someone claiming to represent the company may verify employment by calling the 24-hour emergency line at (800)694–8989.