Metabolic Research Center – Eating Healthy While Traveling – Phase 25

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“I'm really busy coming up, I have a conference basketball tournament and that means a lot of time in the car, a lot of time on the road,” said Bobby. “And of course that means driving by a lot of gas stations and a lot of those chain restaurants, what are some options I have?”

“Eating while on the road can be  very tempting so here are some tips to keep you on track,” said Sarah.


- Decide What to Order Beforehand

-Be the first person to order when you're in the group

-Order vinaigrette on salad

-Say "NO" to Fries, order fruit or vegetables instead like a salad

-Take water with you to help stay away from sodas and sugary drinks

“I'm going out of town, so what are some options if there's nothing that we usually have locally around,” said Bobby.

“I've got a list of fast food restaurants and chain restaurants so when you're going to these places take a look at this, stick to these plans and you'll be on the right path,” said Sarah.

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