Rezoning Of Fayetteville Land Off City Council Agenda

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The rezoning of 22 acres of land east of where Rolling Hills Drive intersects Old Missouri behind Butterfield Trail Elementary School has been put on hold after the Fayetteville city attorney found the application to be deficient, meaning the city council cannot act on it at next week's meeting.

“It's currently zoned single family residential, RSF4. The applicant is asking for another single-family district that does allow higher density uses,” said Garner Stoll, Fayetteville director of development services.

Adrienne Kvello lives in the neighborhood and said she is happy the rezoning was pulled for now.

“Not enough consideration was given to the school, we know they weren't contacted. Or to environment concerns to drainage and soil issues. So, we think it was a good decision to tap the breaks on this and give everyone some time to really consider the issue fully,” she said.

Nicole Claesen also lives nearby and has many concerns if the applicant resubmits the request. One of the questions on the application that was not filled out was...can our current infrastructure hold that kind of dense housing.

“We've had several water mains breaks along Rolling Hills Drive and into the Oaks Manor subdivision. Can our current water infrastructure pipes have a sustainable yield if there is more dense housing there, not to mention the population for Butterflied Elementary School and McNair Elementary School,” she said.

The City of Fayetteville said once the application is complete, it will then be referred back to the planning commission which meets on March 12.