Doctors Protest After Wrong Patient Gets Brain Surgery

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(CBS News) — Hundreds of doctors have walked off the job in Kenya, demanding systemic changes at a hospital where the wrong patient was recently subjected to brain surgery. It has been more than a week since a registrar — a specialist doctor in training — cut open the skull of the patient, who was only meant to have a non-invasive procedure, but the outrage over the mistake is still mounting.

On Monday, the Daily Nation newspaper said 700 registrars had walked out of the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi claiming unfair victimization of one of their own. According to the striking registrars, the only person yet to be punished for the mistake is the senior consultant surgeon who should have been supervising the surgery.

The registrar who performed the unnecessary procedure, several junior members of the surgery team including the staffer who mixed up the identification tags on two patients, and two senior hospital administrators have all been suspended pending a full investigation.

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