Family Of Man Who Ran From Police Just Wants To Know He Is Safe

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM)— The family of the man who the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is searching for told 5News Monday (March. 5) that they just want to know he’s safe.

“Jimmy, I mean if he`s out there, if you are scared just come back we`ll work through this, you know we will, but Jimmy I need you home. Oh my gosh! I just need him home,” Vivian Mendenhall said.

Vivian Mendenhall was shocked to hear her son, James Valles who she calls 'Jimmy' was wanted by police. She said she can`t believe what deputies say her son did.

She said deputies told her, that he ran away from them.

Mendenhall said, "That is so unlike my son. My son, if he was confronted by the police, he would basically in my opinion... would say, "hey what`s up". That`s my son, he would not run,” she said.

The search continues for Valles after Washington County deputies said he ran from them Wednesday morning (Feb. 28) in Goshen after a stun gun was used on him to try and subdue him.

Deputies said after a stun gun was used, Valles jumped in the White River. So far, the only clues they've found are a jacket and cell phone his family said are his.

Valles’s, father David Valles, said family and friends want answers.

“He`s a great guy all around. You know everybody has their problems and everybody makes bad decisions, but that doesn`t define who you are,” he said.

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