Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Homicide & Arson

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KSFSM) -- Trial has begun for a man accused of homicide and arson.

Jeremy Brake is accused of shooting and killing Mike King inside a mobile home during Oct. 2016. Prosecutors say Brake burned down the mobile home.

King was shot in his stomach. Prosecutors claim the 12-gauge shotgun has yet to be found.

Brake's trial is happening at the Crawford County Courthouse. Following jury selection of 10 men and three women, those in the galley heard opening statements from witnesses.

Brake's ex-wife Morvenna Brake attended opening day of the trial and said she doesn't think Brake killed King, and that the evidence doesn't add up.

"I think they should investigate it more. I think they should’ve done more of their job than what they did do. I can look at him and tell that he didn’t do it. I’ve known the man since I was 14...," Morvenna Brake said.



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