UAFS Student Wins Big On ‘The Price Is Right’

A University of Arkansas- Fort Smith student won big time on the game show, 'The Price Is Right'.

Garrett Rogers said he remembers the moment he was called down to be the next contestant on the 'The Price Is Right'.

Dressed in a shirt that stated, "Pick Me. It's My Birthday," Rogers said he thought, "Oh my gosh! This is it. This is my moment."

He said he skipped class to go to the show's filming.

"My teacher said she would excuse my absence if I made it on stage," Rogers said.

After guessing the price of a beach getaway prize, Rogers had the opportunity to play the game 'That's Too Much' and spin the wheel, and claimed his spot in the 'Showcase, Showdown'.

"They pulled back the curtains and I saw a new Mazda hatchback and I was really excited," Rogers said.

He won $52,000 worth of items in the final bid. He won a car, boat, patio furniture, a sound system and a California vacation.

And he isn't stopping there. He also went to a casting call to be on the next season of 'Big Brother' on CBS.