Rand Paul’s Neighbor Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Him

Rand Paul/Facebook

The man accused of tackling Sen. Rand Paul has pleaded guilty to attacking him. Rene Boucher, who appeared in federal district court Friday, had been charged with assaulting a member of Congress as a part of a federal plea agreement in January.

In January, Boucher’s attorney, Matt Baker, said his client may face jail time, but said that will be up to the judge. Prosecutors claimed in court last month that Boucher, a 59-year-old retired physician, “had enough” after he apparently saw Paul leave a pile of brush on his own lawn, and attacked the senator in November.

According to court documents, Boucher tackled Paul while Paul was mowing his yard, giving the senator six broken ribs. The injuries kept Paul out of the Senate during key legislative debate over tax reform. Paul said the injuries left him in a “living hell.”

“It was sort of, I guess, a living hell for the first four or five weeks. Couldn’t get out of bed without assistance, six broken ribs, damage to my lungs, two bouts of pneumonia. It was really a tough go of it. But each day I feel a little bit better. This last month I’ve been doing better,” Paul told CBS News’ Face the Nation in January.

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