Several Accidents Near Construction On Interstate 540

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Construction on a stretch of Interstate 540 is proving to be dangerous for several drivers.

Police responded to a three-car crash Wednesday at about 1 p.m. Arkansas State Police said a white Chevy Avalanche crashed into a Ford F250 construction truck. That truck then crashed into a white Honda Accord. Police said the driver who caused the crash was given a citation.

Despite his car being badly mangled, police said he walked away with minor injuries.

"I'm real surprised. It looked like the wreck was pretty impactful. Wheel was fully under the undercarriage and to have someone just walk away from that, that was pretty remarkable to see," driver Dustin Dean said.

ASP said they have worked several other interstate related crashes, creating a headache for Michael Fowler's morning commute.

"Of course the traffic was backed up terribly for 2 to 3 miles probably, so I hit the interstate trying to bypass it, that kind of thing and there was one accident on the interstate as well," Fowler said.

Police said the wrecks Wednesday morning happened between the Jenny Lind and Zero Street exits. Another accident was reported at the exit on Highway 71.

"Unfortunately I'm on 71 every single day and I see people texting and speeding and that might have something to do with it. It could be the red lights. I don't know," Fowler said.

Fort Smith police said they do have a reminder for drivers.

"Just know what's going on around you. Pay attention and be patient," Cpl. Anthony Rice said.

Police also said to watch your speed, stay off your cell phone while driving and be mindful of sudden stops in construction zones.