Van Buren To Add School Resource Officers To Every Campus

VAN BUREN (KFSM) --Van Buren School District leaders are taking the next step in making sure students are safe by adding a school resource officer at every school campus.

The school board and city officials decided the change Tuesday night (March 14) during a meeting.

"It makes me feel good and makes my kids more safe," Jessica O'Malley, parent said.

Van Buren police will hire six new officers who will work at the schools bringing the new resource officer total to 10.

"We`ll hire new officers and once those officers are trained and then we will release six officers to the schools," Jamie Hammond, police chief of the Van Buren Police Department said. "So,it`ll take some time to work through the training and get this rolled out and it`s exciting for our community."

Van Buren Superintendent Harold Jeffcoat, said, "I feel like us being able to accomplish this task will provide greater comfort to everyone that`s around but it`s also going to be a tremendous asset to our school system."

Some parents said they fully support the decision.

"I feel like it`s probably the right thing to do with all the stuff going on," Andrew Zepeda, parent said. "All it can do is help I feel like. I think it`s the right source of action."

Another parent, Jared Wagner, said, "I`m glad to know there`s gonna be some school resource officers. It makes me feel safer about sending my son to school. I think it`s a big step preventing anything bad happening at the schools."

While the SROs will protect students teachers and all school personnel, administrators and police said they're more than just officers.

"It is someone who is there to work with these kids. They are there, they work with the kids, they do programs, age appropriate programs," Hammond added.

Parents also said those aspects are much needed.

"I want my son to have a good attitude toward all the police officers and resource officer and I think it`s going to be a good start for the school." Wagner said.

Police are taking applications for the new resource officer positions. After those hired go through the police academy, they will begin training at the schools.

If you are interested in applying for the job, contact the police department at 474-1234.