Shoppers Saddened By Toys R Us Closing

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Shoppers at the Fayetteville Toys R Us were upset Thursday morning after the company announced it was closing or selling their stores.

Krisha Crawford was at the store with her children.

She said once they found out about the closings, there was a lot of disappointment at her home.

Her daughter then had just one request.

“Today is actually her seventh birthday, that was her first reaction, we have to go to Toys R Us before they close," Crawford said. "We heard they were closing, we heard that they were just restructuring but we didn’t know for sure if they were going to close here but big disappointment at our house.”

It's not just mothers and children who are sad to hear about the closings, but grandmothers too.

Linda Flores goes to Toys R Us for her grandchildren.

She said the store usually has the toys she wants for them.

“I don’t like it," Flores said. "It’s the only place that likes everything. I got off my deathbed to come and find something for my grandson’s birthday. I’m not happy about it.”

Whitney Dedmon was also at the Fayetteville location for her daughter.

She bought her a toy but remembers coming to the Fayetteville store with her dad when she was a kid.

“I spent almost every Saturday here for a couple of years with my dad walking through Toys R Us and then heading over to Barnes and Noble and spending hours at each one," Dedmon said. "So it's really sad that my kids won’t have the same experience as I did.”

The company announced that the closures will not happen all at once. They will gradually take place over time.

The Fort Smith location closed its doors in late January as part of a wave of store closings across the country.

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