The Preacher’s Son Nominated For James Beard Award

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- The Preacher's Son, a restaurant nearby the Bentonville Square, is one of three nominees for a James Beard Award for restaurant design.

Some say the James Beard Awards are the 'Oscars' for the food world.

The Bentonville based restaurant is up against restaurants from New York and San Francisco for the 76 Seats and Under division.

Matthew Cooper has been with The Preacher's Son since the beginning and is the executive chef.

He called the nomination an honor and something the design team as well as the staff have worked really hard for.

Cooper is unsure what exactly this nomination will mean for the restaurant.

“I think we will see something from it for sure," Cooper said. "I mean the Bentonville food scene has been growing for sure especially since I’ve been here exponentially. It will continue, I think so. So we just continue to look forward to see what happens.”

Cooper planed to continue focusing internally to do the best for the community and themselves regardless of the outcome of the awards.

He said he knows something special is going on with Bentonville's food scene.

It's local restaurants like The Preacher's Son Cooper said is what defines what the area's food culture is.

“From high south cuisine to what we do here at The Preacher’s Son being a gluten free restaurant that focuses on sustainability and supporting all of our local farmers and everything like that and our community," Cooper said. "So I think we are already elevating that scene and I think that we will continue to do that.”

Cooper is confident that with time, Bentonville can be on the same level as other cities around the country known for their specific food culture.

The Hive's Executive Chef Matthew McClure was announced as a semifinalist for a James Beard Award back in February.

He did not make the nominee list.

The winners are scheduled to be announced in Chicago on May 7.