Whistleblower Claims Walmart Inflated E-Commerce Reporting

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BENTONVILLE — Ari Huynh, a former director of business development for Walmart’s marketplace division, said he was wrongfully terminated in early 2017 after filing a complaint with the retailer’s Global Ethics hotline alleging  the company was “manipulating various operating levers” to inflate its e-commerce numbers.

Huynh filed a civil suit in federal court Thursday (March 15) in the Northern District of California. The 69-page filing, first reported by Bloomberg News, detailed how he repeatedly told supervisors of problems with Walmart’s goals to ramp up its online offerings to better compete with Amazon, where he worked before joining Walmart in 2014.

“Wal-Mart’s senior leadership knew they had to manage the market’s perception of its current and short-term progress in achieving its long-term goals. Wal-Mart thus endeavored to paint an overly-optimistic picture of its current and short-term progress in the catching-up in the E-commerce space,” the filing noted.

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