Gorilla At Philly Zoo Walks Upright To Keep Hands Clean For Snacks

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo decided to stroll upright like humans do to avoid getting his hands dirty.  Apparently 18-year-old Louis likes to be clean.


When Louis has his hands full of tomatoes or other snacks, he walks upright like a human to keep food and hands clean, rather than the typical gorilla stance of leaning forward on his knuckles.

Michael Stern, curator of primates and small mammals, says workers had to install a fire hose over a mud puddle in the yard. The nearly 500-pound, 6-foot-tall primate crosses it like a tight rope to avoid getting dirty.

Stern says it’s “pretty unusual” for gorillas to walk around upright. In the wild, Western lowland gorillas like Louis might do it for a few seconds to reach food or wade into swamps.