Rogers Student Accepted Into FBI Training Program

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — A Rogers High School student is training to be what she has dreamed of being since she was little, an FBI agent.

Kate Nunley trains at the Inferno in Bentonville to stay in top physical shape -- a requirement that could lead to working for the FBI.

Nunley is one of around 29 students to be accepted into the future FBI agents in training program in the state.

She said the program teaches them about FBI investigations and allows those accepted into the program to realize if this is the career they want.

To get in to this prestigious program, Nunley had to send in her grades, as well as essays.

She wrote about integrity, which she said is all about honesty.

Nunley said she feels like running track has been a big part of how she's developed those characteristics.

Nunley says she will still have to apply to the FBI one day, but first she plans to go to college to study topics like criminology and computer science.