Abused Puppy Recovering After Found Hanging From A Fence By Cable

UPDATE: China is now in her foster home.

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- An 8-week-old puppy named China is recovering in a foster home after a family found her hanging from a fence by a cable in an alley on South 21st Street.

The family brought the puppy into the Hope Humane Society not knowing how severe its injuries were.

China has had trouble breathing and parts of her body were swollen.

"She had to be put in an oxygen tank to regulate her oxygen levels because they were very, very low," Amber Neal with Hope Humane Society said. "She`s starting to eat on her own and we`re hoping that she`s going to get a little more active."

Based on her injuries, those at the humane society said China was likely abused before she was left in the alley.

"We`re pretty sure that she was beaten before she was hung on the fence," Neal said. "Obviously if someone is gonna hang her on the fence, they`re leaving her for dead."

Residents and other dog owners are outraged.

"It just makes me sick," Caroline Johnston, pet owner said. "I can't hardly stand that."

"They need  a special prison or a special hell for those kind of people," Nathan Dale, pet owner said.

After the humane society took to social media, hundreds of people have come forward wanting to help.

More than $2,400 has been donated so far and dozens of people want to adopt China after she's well.

"This isn`t something that people see every day in a normal environment," Neal said. "This is something we deal with every day and when we show that to people, it`s great to see a positive response that they`re wanting to get justice for this girl or they`re wanting to adopt and give her a loving life."

Some pet owners said they also rescued dogs who were abused and said the abuse needs to end now.

"It`s just terrible," Johnston said. "I couldn`t imagine someone doing such thing."

"They're God's creatures and they should be treated like that," Dale said.

Those at the humane society said China is not out of the woods just yet. She is on antibiotics and pain medicine. She will stay with her foster mom until she is well enough to be adopted.

The humane society is trying to find witnesses and more information about what happened to the puppy in order to open an animal cruelty investigation.

If you know who this dog belonged to or what happened to her, contact the Hope Humane Society or the Fort Smith Police Department Animal Control.

To donate or find out how you can help with China's recovery, click here.