Grant Allows Rogers To Renovate Parks

ROGERS (KFSM) — The city of Rogers is planning on renovating their parks around downtown.

City officials said Frisco Park in downtown Rogers is a priority.

Residents said they are excited to see the progress.

“From what I`ve seen so far since they started building everything up I`ve seen more people walking and getting used to downtown,” Rogers Resident Tony Hoyt said.

Hoyt said he loves the outdoors and said he’s hoping the new renovations will get him outside and help him become more active.

“‘I`ve been going to school a lot and I haven`t been exercising either so it`s kind of motivating me to get out there too,” Hoyt said.

Frisco Park is a pinnacle in downtown Rogers and city leaders said they plan to give it a complete “face-lift”: turning it into a true downtown destination.

“…The exciting thing about Frisco right now is we just finished the design grant. We`re very fortunate to have the grant from the Walton Family Foundation, over $900,00,” John McCurdy, director of community development, said.

The city also plans to update and make improvements to other nearby parks like Railyard and Lake Atalanta. They said expect to see changes happen throughout the year, and they plan to have a couple projects completed within the next year.

It’s all about bringing more families out to enjoy the city.