Pea Ridge Police Retrieve Stolen Items From Manhole Covers

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PEA RIDGE (KFSM) -- During an investigation, Pea Ridge police retrieved dozens of stolen items from under manhole covers.

Officers made the discovery of several stolen items, including sunglasses, car keys and a stolen purse. The items were found inside manhole covers along Nemett Drive.

Police are now looking for the people responsible.

"This area is about a square mile and we discovered they were getting B and E's everywhere, breaking and enterings," officer Mike Lira said.

Lira said the calls came in Sunday night (March 18) through early Monday (March 19).

"We had about six cars that were broken into... this area right here, this man hole cover, we found a set of keys... Brian Stamps did, our officer. He actually got inside and pulled them out," he said.

One of the sets of keys were linked to a truck in a nearby driveway.

"Brandon actually reached down there and got them and handed them to Brian and we actually chirped and discovered it was to a truck right by our location," Lira said.

Lira said with the amount and type of items discarded, it appears the suspects were after money.

"I think they were looking for money is what we're thinking. So, anything they found they didn't have use for... there were $400 sunglasses they chucked, purses, wallets, as long as it didn't have any money," Lira said. "Even credit cards were dumped."

Police are now trying to find the owners of another set of keys for a black 1997 Toyota 4Runner. If you are missing a set of 4Runner keys, contact the Pea Ridge Police Department at 479-451-0328.

Lira said he believes the suspects are kids, but the investigation will continue.