Metabolic Research Center – Daren’s Down 10 1/2 Pounds – Phase 2

“Daren Bobb here, I’m on my thirty-pound journey and I’m down 10 ½ pounds alright Sarah, we are in the next phase now on my weight loss journey what does that mean,” said Bobb.

“So, the next menu this is going to take you into the fat burning stage of the program so we are going to show you the different combinations of foods to eat, timing of your meals you are really going to pick up from here losing two to five pounds a week,” said Sarah.

“Not to give any trade secrets, the menu is fantastic,” said Bobb.

“We do it all for you so you don’t have to think about it, we make it easy,” said Sarah.

“It is very easy and now in fact is a great time to come in to sign up because,” said Bobb.

“We have a great special going on now through April 2nd you can join for six weeks for $99,” said Sarah.

“I feel fantastic, more energy my clothes fit better, and it’s that simple just come on in they will help you and their support is amazing,” said Bobb.

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