Tontitown Firefighters Rescue Cat From Tree

TONTITOWN (KFSM) – Marshall Cigainero found his cat Alley almost eight years ago in an alley in Fayetteville.

On Wednesday(March 21), he let Alley outside, but later couldn't find her.

“Later that afternoon I went out to get the mail and I heard her meow from across the street, so I walked over and there she was up the tree,” he said.

He thinks coyotes chased her 35 feet up into the tree.

“I got a ladder out and I tried a couple of times to get her out the tree and I couldn't get her to come out of the tree. I tried coaxing her out that night and she still wouldn't come out of the tree,” he said.

So, this morning after two days of Alley being stuck he decided to call the Tontitown Fire Department.

“He was a little bit further up, but when he saw us coming he came down as low as he could and it was probably 20 feet in the air or so. We just grabbed our extension ladder and threw it up there and we got him,” he said.

Firefighter Chase Colvin said as you can expect, Alley wasn't very gracious to be saved at first.

“I put on all of my protective clothing that I would wear inside a burning building to get the cat and I'm very glad that I did,” Colvin said.

Colvin has been on the job less than a year, but this is the first time he has been on an animal rescue call.

“I always get joked, you're a firefighter all you do is rescue cats from trees and now I can say that I have,” he said.

The Tontitown Fire Department said to not hesitate to call because they are here to help.