Two Sides Of ‘March For Our Lives-Bentonville’

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- On Saturday (Mar. 24), in cities around the country, and world, student-planned rallies were held called "March for Our Lives."  The purpose of the demonstration, where millions marched, was to bring attention for stricter gun control laws.

A demonstration was held in Bentonville Square and both views were voiced: those for stricter gun laws and others on hand to protect the Second Amendment -- the right to bear arms.

The march at the square was organized by students from all over Northwest Arkansas.  They saw what was going on at the national level and wanted to do something local.

March co-organizer Grayson Gomulka said this is about safety, "this is my generation that's out here ... I should be allowed an opinion. We're trying to get our Congressmen to see us and realize that, 'hey, I want to feel safe at school.'"

Bentonville West Hight School Student Malley Terrones still gets nervous -- even if the intercom come on at school, "you know the fear that it is going to be a lockdown drill or a real lockdown. We had one a West last year, it's a real fear. A lot of the times I don't feel prepared or I'm just scared that something is going to happen," said Terrones.

Groups in opposition -- ShieldWall Network and the Freedom Crew -- wanted to be heard.  Some members told 5NEWS they did not think students were old enough to make a statement about gun control.

And, ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper talked about the Second Amendment, "...and basically to allow people who are at home and aren't able to actually interact with the crowd and the audience to understand that there is more than one perspective to this issue."

Billy Sessions  and James Del Brock, members of the Hiwaymen and Freedom Crew told 5NEWS that the kids aren't old enough to make that [gun control] decision.  "They have to mature first and understand what the Constitution really means."

Bentonville Police worked alongside State Police and the Benton County Sheriff`s Office to keep things calm.

No incidents of violence were reported.