Gravette Police Investigating After Man Exposes Himself In Parking Lot

GRAVETTE (KFSM) -- Gravette police are looking for a man who a woman said exposed himself to her in a parking lot.

Her daughter took to social media to warn others of what she said this man did.

The Facebook post said on Saturday (March 23) night that she was in her car in the Gravette Dollar General parking lot when a man pulled up next to her car, even though there wasn't a parking space, walked in between the cars exposing himself in front of her window.

“It disturbed her, she turned away thinking he would just leave but he still stayed there for quite a bit longer and then she began to call for help and that's when he returned to his vehicle and left the scene,” Sgt. Christopher Kelley said.

Kelley said this is the first time they believe the alleged suspect has done this in Gravette, but they had heard of similar incidents happening just across the Arkansas/Oklahoma border in Delaware County.

“We received some information from people thinking it might be the same person. It may very well be. The only information we were able to get other than the vehicle was that he was wearing a green stocking cap and he was a white male,” he said.

Kelley said if a similar incident happens to you try and get the best description of the suspect. He also said to try and get the suspect's license plate number.

The alleged suspect is a white man and could be driving a white Monte Carlo.

“In this case she wasn't able to get a tag number. The way that he pulled out and the speeds that he was leaving the scene from. So any little piece of information could be the piece of the puzzle to help us solve a crime like this,” he said.

If you have any information about this man or any other similar incident they ask that you call the Gravette Police Department.