Bentonville Firefighter Nationally Recognized

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A local firefighter is being recognized nationally.

He is being recognized for his efforts in teaching the public fire prevention.

Todd Pearce is one of 12 people in the U.S. and Canada being recognized by the National Fire Prevention Association. He is being recognized as a star scholar.

Assistant Fire Marshal Frank Feemster said he doesn't think anyone is more deserving of the award than Pearce. For years, Feemster watched Pearce perfect his passion of teaching the public all about fire prevention during classes, special seminars and classroom visits.

"His goals are to put Bentonville on the stage from a fire prevention standpoint," Feemster said. "Todd's passion is hard to match ... I know where his passion comes from I can pinpoint specific calls where Todd's passion was created."

Feemster also said, "we were both involved in one of the worst fires in my career, involved in the death of five children."

After, this was a conversation that changed Pearce's way of thinking.

"He made the comment to me that he's able to do more good on the fire prevention side; he felt like he could reach more and do more good than he could on the firefighting side," Feemster said.

Walking away was tough, but Pearce says teaching fire prevention is a new kind of love and dedication that is satisfying.

During the national conference and expo, the firefighters get to take home new information, knowledge and ideas to continue spreading the word about fire prevention. The convention is in June in Las Vegas.