YuTrain Fitness Helps Elevate Young Atheltes

FORT SMITH (KFSM) - It was Yusuf Holloway's senior season at West Georgia that his path to sports training began. An injury derailed his college football career, but it led him to his true purpose.

"I hurt my neck, I had a neck injury and they told me I that I wouldn’t be able to play anymore," said Yusuf Holloway. "So I immediately jumped into performance training. I always knew that if I didn’t play sports this what I would be doing I feel like I have something to give to athletes."

Now, Holloway has a thriving business in Fort Smith. Just about every elite athlete in the area comes to him to gain an edge against their competition.

"In this day of sports everyone is kind of at the same level," said Oklahoma cornerback Tre Norwood. "We always have to do something to push yourself over the top. So it's always good to have him in your corner."

The former collegiate running back uses he experience and sport performance knowledge, to help his clients... not matter the sport advance their physical capabilities

"He fixed my running style," said OSU cornerback Darrius Curry. "He kept me quick on my feet kept me strong. He's just an overall great trainer"

Holloway also builds close relationships with his players. He is more is more than another coach, he is like a family member to his players."

"My thing is to make them feel like they are at home," said Holloway. "And make them feel like they are a friend."

For more information on YuTrain Fitness you can visit their website at https://www.yutrainfitness.com/