Poteau And Other Schools Closed Monday For Teacher Walkout

POTEAU (KFSM) -- Poteau schools will be closed Monday (April 2) in support of the teacher walkout.

The school district will close so teachers can go to the state Capitol to advocate for education. The schools will reopen on Tuesday unless otherwise noted by the superintendent.

"The bill was a giant step in the right direction and for that, we are thankful. It's not perfect and more is needed, but it is the best we are going to get right now. We will continue to fight for funding, while keeping schools open," art teacher Katie Hopper said.

Oklahoma legislators approved a measure on Wednesday, but the Oklahoma Education Association says the bill doesn't go far enough.

Other schools including Roland, Sallisaw and Muldrow will also close on Monday.

Cameron Schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday.

Teachers said despite what the legislation is proposing, it's not enough.

"There was only a token that was for classroom," Tom Brennan, history teacher said. "far short of what we were hoping for."

Teachers said they need funding. They tell us there are students in some districts who don't have a desk to sit in and some textbook have been outdated for more than a decade.

"There`s a teacher here whose textbook is so out of date that every chapter, she has to say please disregard this section because it`s been proven as not true anymore," Hopper said. "Education is not static and it keeps changing in a lot of areas."

So in Poteau, nearly 100 educators are expected to walk out and dozens more from surrounding areas, hoping lawmakers will hear their message.

"We`re not done speaking with you and urging you and hoping that you`ll continue to represent us and our needs," Hopper said.

"Going forward, if they do not pass things, then we will act again," Brennan said.  "Oklahoma students have been cheated for ten years and we have only just begun to fight."

Oklahoma City Schools will also be closed on Monday as thousands of teachers from across the state head to the capitol to protest.

One district that will remain open in our area is Spiro.

Teachers and students in Poteau will return to school on Tuesdsay and Muldrow, Roland and Sallisaw Schools said they will make their decision based on what legislators do over the next few weeks.