Rural Fire Department Works To Keep Station

CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) -- Firefighters with the District 4 Crawford County Rural Fire Department are working to save their station.

The owner of the building is selling it and firefighters with that station said they're hoping to raise enough money to buy it back before the auction on Wednesday, April 4.

For 15 years, Chief Darren Langley with the station has helped save many lives and properties in District 4's fire truck.

"It`s just been a blessing to give back to the community and that they`ve given to us," Langley said.

Now, an auction sign sits in front of the fire station on Highway 59 that Langley and about 25 other volunteer firefighters call their second home.

"It`s very important," Farrah McFadden, volunteer firefighter said. "I don`t want to lose it."

If the firefighters don't raise enough money by the auction on April 4, they could lose the building and be forced to work from stations miles away.

Their goal is $20,000.

They said if the building is lost, it would increase the time it takes to answer calls, which worries both emergency responders and residents.

"For example, if we run to Hillendale, we have to run from Station Two that`s eight miles one way, so sixteen miles round trip plus getting the truck and getting back," Langley said. "Where we can respond from here and it`s three miles compared to sixteen miles."

"I would hope to think that they could stay and be able to be closer to the homes so they can take care of everything in case there`s a fire or emergency," Aaron Jones, resident said. "It would give us security in knowing they were close by."

But fires aren't the only thing the brave men and women of District 4 help with. They also mentor kids.

"[The kids] take that with them and they also know what to do in case something happened to a relative, a friend or a house next door to them," McFadden said.

Now the firefighters are asking for your help to keep the building running to continue serving those who live nearby.

"I would hope that anybody that could help would," Jones said. "That way we can keep it local and keep everybody in the job and in a situation where they can help people. I would love to help someone in knowing that they could help other people."

"We want to be there," McFadden said. "We don`t want that to happen to families."

District 4 helps surrounding district in the county with calls and also the city of Cedarville.

Donate or help, here, or call 262-2076.