Flavors: Gameday Sports Grill In Greenwood

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Hey guys Megan Graddy here with this week’s flavors today we’re at Gameday Sports Grill in Greenwood we’ve heard this is a knock out place to come get some food with your family let’s head inside and see if it’s a home run.

“Gameday became a reality because Greenwood is cultivated around sports and so we wanted to bring something to Greenwood that was sports related not only did we want to offer something that had good food with fresh ingredients and fresh to order but with sports also,” said Josh Niles, Owner of Gameday Sports Grill.

“It just really sets itself apart because it’s fresh ingredients, nothing sits in an oven or sits in the back ready to be just brought out,” said Niles.

“Everything here is fresh, we make our own meat patties daily, everything from mashed potatoes, mozzarella sticks, and all of our sauces are handmade,” said Jacob Brown, Kitchen Manager.

“I wanted to provide a loving and kind environment within my town,” said Niles. “Monday is burger Monday it’s $4.99 BYOB basically build your own burger you get a burger and fry a really nice fresh juicy burger.”

And if you are a fan of a little heat you have to try their signature burger.

“We have a burger called the Poppin’ Pappy that is stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos and topped with pepper jack cheese and more jalapenos,” said Niles. “Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, we have a taco called the Bang Bang Taco which is the hit of the town and actually the hit of south Sebastian County.”

They also offer free meals for kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“Thursday is hungry Thursday you get two New York strips for one amount,” said Niles.

Don’t forget about their killer wing selection, everything is shipped in fresh and tossed in their homemade wing sauce.

“You will not find another restaurant within Sebastian or Crawford county that is designed like this, that wraps their tables it really just sets in the atmosphere,” said Niles.

“Stay locally, this is a great place to come to watch football, basketball, hockey, soccer on tv,” said Brown.

“I believe that Gameday Sports Grill is going to be a part of Greenwood’s DNA,” said Niles.

“We want to serve good quality food to families,” said Brown.

“We’re community driven and we are here for our community,” said Niles.

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