Kids Pick Up 50,000 Easter Eggs At Bentonville Community Event

BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-- Hundreds of kids and their families gathered at Orchards Park in Bentonville to see how many Easter eggs they could get at the city's community event.

David Wright, the Bentonville parks and recreations director, said they have done this event for around seven years now.

Their goal is to make sure the kids have a fun, safe place to hunt for eggs.

Since the first year, Wright said the event has just grown.

He remembered ordering 10,000 eggs and thinking that was a lot.

This year they had 50,000 eggs.

Wright explained usually the kids are fine during the hunt, its the parents that cause some issues.

“We are talking to parents about letting kids pick up the eggs," Wright said. "Let’s encourage the kids to participate. Let’s not let mom and dad get involved. So if we can keep moms and dads behaving and making sure the kids are doing the right thing, we’ll have a successful event.”

The kids called the event a big success.

Before they could fill their baskets, they had to wait behind a barrier.

Some say they were very excited to get out their.

“We were like, oh my gosh, what’s going to happen, are we going to get a lot of eggs?" Lillian Vinson said. "Are we going to get some? What are we going to get?"

"So actually what we had the most trouble was that Lillian’s basket was very small so she had to put most of her eggs in my basket," Paige Berry said.

"But it still worked out," Vinson added.

They said they were excited to see what candy would be inside and hoping for some Tootsie Rolls and M Ms.

The girls said they hope to come back next year to do it all again.