Oklahoma Students Support Teachers Protesting For More School Funding

LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) -- As Oklahoma teachers demand higher pay and more school funding at the State Capitol, some students are making their voices heard here at home.

Student Aiden Parks spent hours holding a sign in front of the LeFlore County Courthouse. The fifth grader said his textbooks are older than he is.

"I'm out here for our education," he said. "Because we don't have enough funding for enough stuff for education."

Teacher Erich Sweet is Aiden's adviser for the Student Ambassador Club.

"We went to the Capitol yesterday and since we were out today, I thought it would be important to get some of the students that have been asking to be involved. A lot of our student ambassadors, they want to be out in the community," he said.

Many students and teacher told 5NEWS they hope this will bring awareness to the public school funding crisis across Oklahoma.