Arkansas Boasts Depth At Running Back

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)--When debating Arkansas's deepest position heading into the Red-White game, the backfield has to be first and foremost.

"We're pleased with where we are right now with our running backs and chase has done a good job. I thought he ran the ball well today, but we just gotta continue to push all those guys," head coach Chad Morris said.

The first name Chad Morris brings up is sophomore Chase Hayden, who's dynamic skill set fits the up tempo offense.

"I like it a lot, it's just giving us a lot of opportunities to catch the ball out of the backfield and it's a lot more open holes cause the field is so much more spread out," Hayden said.

Then you have to look at T.J. Hammonds, the definition of an offensive weapon.

"I thought TJ's doing some really good things," Morris added. "You know early in spring we talked about his pass protection and he's done an exceptional job. He's gotten a lot better at that probably over the last three to four practices."

Luckily for Hammonds and Hayden, it's a familiar style of rushing.

"I ran it in high school so i'm pretty comfortable with it. The i, I was comfortable with that too it's just getting the hang of it. So getting comfortable with the offense is pretty good," Hammonds said.

"I'm pretty comfortable in it because it's pretty much like the same offense I played in in high school. So it's a lot of similar things and I'm adjusting to it pretty well," added Hayden.

And we haven't even mentioned the top returner.

"Devwah Whaley, I think he has a chance to be really special," Morris said.

Safe to say running back's coach Jeff Traylor has a spoil of riches at his fingertips that includes redshirt freshmen Maleek Barkley and Maleek Williams.

The Red-White game kicks off at 1 p.m. on Saturday in War Memorial Stadium.