Metabolic Research Center – Healthy Eating Through The Holidays

“This last weekend was Easter weekend, I was a little bit nervous because I’m from a huge family and 80% of what was brought to the table was not healthy. I focused on the 20% that was healthy, it’s a challenge how to you get past these challenges,” said Daren Bobb.

“It is a challenge you go to these events, parties, and family events and all of this food but the good thing is that you get a lot of variety of foods on this so there is a lot of meat options you can have on this vegetables, fruit I always tell people take a dish of your own,” said Sarah Harper.

“Really, something you like something you know is healthy, take it with you,” said Bobb. “The goal wasn’t to lose weight over Easter, but I actually did, the goal was to maintain.”

“That’s right he said he was going to maintain and he lost weight on his vacation that is very good,” said Harper.

“It is so easy just call in to Metabolic Research Center,” said Bobb.

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