Bentonville Half Marathon Runners, Organizers Prepare For Possible Winter Weather

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- While runners picked up everything the need for the Bentonville Half Marathon, organizers worked to make sure everything was safe and ready for Saturday's race.

Friday afternoon was the Expo for the half marathon.

Runners were able to pick up shirts, numbers and free goods before they take to the starting line.

For some, the possibility of winter weather Saturday morning has been a concern.

"So we thought we’re going to look at it on Thursday," runner Tyler Buttle said. "So we looked at it this morning and yeah it doesn’t look so pleasant in the morning so we will try to dress warm but not too warm, which is kind of an interesting balance as a runner."

Some said they already have a plan.

Emily Holton said she lives within the first mile of the race.

Her husband told her to bundle up, shed some layers as she ran by the house and he would pick them up.

Katie Buttle has some experience running half marathons.

She gave some advice to others who may not know how to combat the cold.

"If you’ve been training the entire time like you should be training, you’ve experienced this weather at some point," Katie Buttle said. "So it's just a matter of okay when I ran that day when it was 20 degrees, what did I wear? And remembering if it worked or not and just kind of tweaking it based on past runs."

The organizers of the race were also doing some planning Friday morning.

Layne Moore, Bentonville Parks and Recreation's recreation supervisor, said they are monitoring the route to makes sure there are not any slick spots or flooding.

If there is, she said they have plans to re-route runners.

This is a plan they have had the past seven years they have had the race and Moore explains they have never had to use it.

Usually they have crews out Friday night setting up stages and the finish line.

This year though, they had to make some changes.

"With the weather coming in this afternoon and this evening, we’re doing a lot of prep work today," Moore said. "We’re getting a lot of things done during the day to day that we would normally do overnight mainly for the safety of our staff that’s working so they don’t have to be out in the bitter bitter cold.”

Some runners said they were not too concerned with the weather.

This is the first big race Amber Beauford has run since she had a child about nine months ago.

She plans to wear some layers but is very excited to be back in a race she loves.

"It has a small town feel but there are plenty of runners around you the whole time," Beauford said. "I love it. It was my first half marathon ever so it has a special place in my heart."

Moore said regardless of the weather, the race will still continue.

She explained they are working to make sure everyone stays safe throughout the event.