Coldest Start To April In 31 Years

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Brrrr! It’s been cold the past several days, especially the first week of April. It is highly likely to have quick cold spells in the spring, but this recent one’s longevity is a bit uncommon.

After crunching the numbers, it has been the coldest first week of April (April 1-7) since 1987, or in 31 years.

*Found out by adding the sum of the high temperature and low temperature each day from April 1-7 over the past handful of decades.*

2018 April 1-7:  623 degrees total

1987 April 1-7:  605 degrees total

The warmest start to April in the past few decades was in 2001 where our degrees totaled 926, with several days topping out in the 80's that week.


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