Sinkhole Road Becoming Issue In Benton County

BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- A local woman is calling on the Benton County Road Department to permanently fix a sinkhole on her road before it comes a major problem.

The sinkhole was caused due to flooding in February. It happened on Redbird Road and a woman said she's called on the county to fix it, but she said they didn't fix the bigger issue.

For the past month, Dora Martin has called the county's road department looking for a permanent fix to the stream of water that's running down her road.

"Then we got this big ole sink hole because the school bus goes through here... chicken trucks...  feed trucks," Martin explained.

Following flooding issues in February, gravel has been laid on that road, but it isn't a permanent fix, and it isn't holding up.

"What they did do is change where the spring was going down beside the road down to the middle of it and now we got a river," Martin explained.

"They need to put a whistle Down there where the sinkholes at so the spring will go off to the side of the road.. they`re not going to get rid of the spring."

Bad weather has been a hurdle for the road department, as spring rains have hindered repairs. But a county spokeswoman said crews could fix the road "by the end of next week, if not sooner."

"Benton County seeks to maintain a high level of service for residents throughout the county and appreciates the citizen’s patience in that effort," said Channing Barker, Benton County Communications Director.