West Fork Comes Together To Raise Money After Boy Is Attacked By Dogs

WEST FORK (KFSM) – Two businesses are coming together to help 4-year-old Matthew Guess and his family.

Matthew has already had multiple surgeries and still has more to come after being attacked by two dogs on Thursday(April 5).

His dad said Matthew was attacked by their neighbor's two pit bulls, one dragging him by the leg and the other biting his face.

People are using the hashtag #MATTHEWSFIGHT on social media to show their support.

“When Matthew got hurt, that's Triston, our son's best friend. It broke his heart, we waited a few days to show him pictures and we had to explain to him what happened,” Elizabeth Champion said.

Elizabeth Champion and her husband own Tiger Nutrition in West Fork and knew they had to do something to help.

So, they along with Desiree Buchanan, who owns Envision Vinyl started a t-shirt fundraiser.

“They never asked for money or anything, they just asked for prayers. They didn't understand why it happened. We just told them that basically there are so many people from across the world praying for Matthew,” she said.

When Buchanan heard what happened she knew she needed to help because her daughter spent time at Arkansas Children's Hospital in little rock and knows how hard it is to be away from family.

“It's hard worrying about the money aspect of it and all the people calling and texting and then trying to stay on top of just worrying about your child and they have other children, I had other children,” Buchanan said.

As a special gesture, Washington County deputies visited Matthew at the hospital and he was sworn in as a honorary member of the force.