Oklahoma Teacher Walkout Impacting 2018 Seniors

POTEAU (KFSM) -- The Oklahoma teacher walkout has impacted some students in terms of where they get their meals, as well as some school activities, but now students are reacting to how it may delay graduation.

Some students already have their graduation invitations for Poteau High School, but as we near double digits in the number of days the teacher walkout has lasted, some students aren't sure if graduation will still go on.

The Oklahoma Education Association said in a meeting before the walkout that each district's superintendent will decide how the missed days will be made up. Some students said whatever it takes, it'll be worth it.

"I feel like us not being here and the threat of graduation being postponed is a very good threat," Kelly Webster, senior said.

Two seniors said they'd even be okay with not graduating.

"If it means I`m not graduating so kids get the funding so I can stay and raise my family here, I think it`s worth it," Kaegan Clark, senior said.

"Sometimes we make a step forward and then two back, but I feel like eventually this is going to be all fine and there`s no worry about graduating," Webster said.

But there are people who disagree and said it's not fair the walkout could impact graduations and how the days are made up.

Larry posted on our 5NEWS Facebook page and said, "You would think they would be teaching the kids and worry about them falling behind on graduating and college."

Janie also chimed in and said, "That`s not right to the kids to have to make up the days they are out."

Other parents said the walkout is a great example to students and many in Poteau will continue backing their kids and teachers.

"I think it`s a stance we`ve got to take and as parents, we`ve got to back them up and if that means the kids have to go to summer school or whatever it takes to get that diploma and graduate, I think we`ve got to make that sacrifice and back them up," Jonathan Clark, parent said.

As for the state testing, students will have to take those in the coming weeks.

The state's Department of Education has extended the dates because of the walkout.

Again, how missed days will be made up is up to each school district's superintendent.