Lake Bentonville Park Could Get a Facelift

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A popular fishing destination in the middle of Bentonville could soon see some renovations.

The Bentonville city council approved a partnership with The Trailblazers to come up with a design for Lake Bentonville Park.

The park is currently 20 acres and with this partnership, it would become much larger.

The Trailblazers purchased 75 acres north of the city's airport runway and want to bring the two pieces of land together.

“They'll see sidewalks and trails connected those two different pieces of property and so this will flow seamlessly together into one large passive recreation space that will benefit our citizens for decades to come,” said David Wright, Bentonville Parks and Recreation Director.

Wright said 58 percent of Bentonville residents live west of Walton boulevard, but only 8 percent of the city's recreation is in that area.

“These new 75 acres now close to a 95 acre park really begins to open a lot of doors to public recreation west of Walton Blvd. It will begin serving an area of our community that's been underserved for several years,” he said.

Wright said the dam that is there will be removed, and the lake will flow north.

They plan to keep the lake open to the public as long as possible during construction.

One of three approvals that will take place over the coming months

He said while the entire project still needs approval, if everything goes well the plan to begin construction mid to late summer and expect it to take 18 months to complete.

This project will not cost taxpayers anything because the Walton Family Foundation is funding the project.