Special Group Of Angel Runners Help Local Boy Run In First Hogeye Half-Marathon

GREENWOOD (KFSM) -- The Hogeye Marathon and Relays kick off Saturday (April 14) and for the first time a Greenwood boy will get to participate thanks to a group of angel runners.

Thousands of Ainsley's Angels (AA) from all over the country volunteer their time and strength to give people with disabilities a chance to fly in local marathons, and 5K races.

"Ainsley's Angels are all about inclusion and joy," said Jarrett Banks, AA state ambassador.

The organization provides a chair and decks runners and riders out in official angel gear. Which is big for mother and runner Lindsey Burge and her son Barrett who has from cerebral palsy.

"Its always been a gift to me and to be able to include him on something that I love and watching him being able to do it, has always been a blessing."

As an avid runner, it is the first time Berg has been able to share the experience with her son. "He can't come out and run you know, Ainsley's Angels have given us the joy to be able to put him in a chair and run with him."

This year Barrett and other first year participants will take home special medals to remember their first Hogeye for life.

If you'd like to participate as an Angel runner or rider in a future race click here.