Residents Who Experienced Possible Tornado Speak Out

MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM) -- Emergency responders were dispatched Friday evening to several residences where people were trapped.

Trees decades old now rest on top of Holly Shepherd's home.

The Shepherds own a horse rescue. One of their horses was injured during the possible tornado.

"She got her self here on the shoulder, the leg...," Shepherd said.

Jessica Palmer helped treat the horse and said she experienced the storm, too.

Palmer said she saw the storm as she stood near a barn door.

She said she saw the home of Sheryl Bates in mid air. The roof of the home is gone, the shed is destroyed and her carport is against a fence in a pasture.

Bates said there's a silver lining despite what she's experiencing.

"...None of this matters. Everything else is fine... . The kids are all good," Bates said.

The family had a storm cellar to escape.