Beau’s Tuxedos Leave Customers Hanging Over Rentals

FORT SMITH (KFSM) --  Prom-goers and wedding parties are stuck without a tux for their big day after customers said the employees of Beau's Tuxedo's in Fort Smith walked out of the store Saturday (April 14).

Customers started demanding their money back, but the stores numbers have been disconnected and customers are wanting to know what will happen next.

After receiving multiple calls from 5NEWS viewers who were at Beau's Tuxedos in Fort Smith claiming employees and the manager walked out of the store, leaving them without the items they were there to pick up.  5NEWS went inside to ask managers what was going on, but no one was there except angry customers.


Once word spread on social media,  Georgia Bunn said she rushed to the store for her son's tuxedo.

"We do feel like we need to get our refund today because we don't know if they'll be open on Monday," said Bunn.  "We already paid-in-full back in January."

Taylor Fondren also decided to head to the shop to pick up items for her wedding.

"There was a guy here claiming he was in charge, and a lady asked him, 'are you Beau?  He said, 'yes.' He said that at the end of May the store was closing, but until then they were still doing orders," according to Fondren.


Beau's Tuxedos website is also shut down.