Mountainburg Survey Complete: See The Tornado’s Path

The National Weather Service has completed it’s storm survey and located the beginning and end of the EF-2 tornado that devastated parts of Crawford County, including Mountainburg.

Peak Winds:  110 – 120 MPH

Length:  11.7 miles

Maximum Path Width:  1000 yards (0.56 miles)

START  |  4:04PM  —  1.5 miles NNE of Rudy, AR (35.5490, -94.2621)

END  |  4:19PM  —  3.1 miles ESE of Chester, AR (35.6730, -94.1222)

Damage:  Several trees were snapped and uprooted as it crossed Frog Bayou. Homes  were damaged, outbuildings destroyed, power poles blown down, and cars were rolled off the highway. Several mobile homes were destroyed and tree damaged was evident on Overlook Trail.




*Path is estimated based on exact coordinates from the NWS. If the tornado took a direct path, there is what it would look like.  Dashed lines show possible outer extent of 1/2 mile wide tornado.

-5NEWS Weather