Mountainburg Damage Does Not Qualify For State Or Federal Funds

CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) -- Mountainburg and Crawford County will not be declared as a disaster area, so they will not receive state or federal funding to help with damage and repairs.

According to Crawford County Emergency Management, to get state assistance there would have to be $228,000 worth of damage to infrastructure such as roads and city structures, and the estimated damage amount did not meet that criteria.

Emergency crews also said the system works on a point-base and relies heavily on damage done to uninsured homes. Most homes in Mountainburg that were damaged by the EF-2 tornado were insured.

Governor Asa Hutchinson went to Mountainburg Sunday (April 15) to thank volunteers and meet with residents whose homes were destroyed Friday (April 13)  evening.

"As I went and saw  some of the damage today [Sunday] it strikes me that we are very blessed that only four people were injured. It could have been a significant loss of life.Especially, when you look at the fact that our warning system worked," said Gov. Hutchinson.

In order to get federal money, the state would have to reach out to FEMA to start the process. So far, the damage to public property in Mountainburg has not met financial thresholds.

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