Fayetteville High School Selected To Participate In Pre-AP Program

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Fayetteville High School has been selected from more than 1,000 schools worldwide to participate in a Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) Program for ninth-graders starting next school year.

According to a news release from Fayetteville Public Schools, the new program is being offered by The College Board and will begin at Fayetteville in the 2018-2019 school year. Courses include Pre-AP English and Pre-AP Algebra for all students, Pre-AP Biology for students who took Physical Science in eighth grade and Pre-AP Theater, Pre-AP Art and Pre-AP World History as electives. For 2019-2020, students who complete prerequisites will also be able to take Pre-AP Chemistry, Pre-AP English 10 and Pre-AP Geometry.

The high school will receive an official Pre-AP designation for each course, which shows the courses meet the program’s high standards for building and reinforcing the student’s knowledge and skills.

The Pre-AP courses are designed to give students “the foundational knowledge and skills they need to be successful in Advanced Placement and other college-level coursework.” The program’s goal is to increase the number of students completing college level work before leaving high school and to better prepare them for college.

“We applaud the educators and administrators in Fayetteville High School who have worked to clear a path for all of their students,” said Auditi Chakravarty, vice president of SpringBoard and Pre-AP Programs. “They are fostering a culture in their schools and classrooms that allows all students to learn the foundational knowledge and skills they need to be successful.”

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