Metabolic Research Center – Daren Bobb Down 15 Pounds – Phase 4

“Hey guys is Daren Bobb we are at Metabolic Research Center with my best friend Sarah, she has helped me get halfway to my goal of 30lbs I am down 15lbs in just three and a half weeks,” said Daren Bobb. “My clothes fit better, my energy level is better, actually my belt is on the last notch which I have never been too. Now that I can see my goal now that I see the finish line, how do you help me out because I thought I knew how to lose the weight on my own.”

“I hear it all the time, I know what to do I can do this, but it’s that support and the accountability that we give you and encourage you to keep going to help you reach that goal,” said Sarah Harper.

“Let’s check out my before and after pictures I’m down 15 lbs,” said Bobb.

“You have met the halfway mark,” said Harper.

“It’s just a better way of life and that’s the best part about it, if you want to lose weight seriously and you think that you know how to do it, I’ll promise you that you don’t until you come here,” said Bobb.

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