Residents Continue Cleanup In Mountainburg After Tornado

MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM) -- The tornado that hit Mountainburg Friday (April 13) left many residents without their homes.

Five of the six homes at Overlook Trail were destroyed. Without help from FEMA or insurance, residents are now trying to figure out how to move forward.

Joe Rye has lived on Overlook Trail since the 70s and owns the land where some of the homes were destroyed. He said his ex-wife and grandson were trapped inside a mobile home for a few hours before being rescued.

"All the trees, to get all that cleanup.. it will probably take a year, but not with just one person, I'm talking about with help," he said.

Veda Puckett said her home was destroyed, but she is thankful she and her son weren't home during the tornado. She salvaged what she can and plans to rebuild, but said for now she will be sleeping in a tent.

"We need some help up here on overlook trail and all I've got to say is that we need some help up here," she said.