Elementary Students Create, Unveil Downtown Mural

SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) -- About 300 Northside Elementary students gathered outside of a Downtown Siloam Springs Arvest Thursday morning to show the community the mural they spent weeks creating.

With the help of Art Feeds, Main Street Siloam Springs and Arvest, the students were able to get the funding and supplies to bring the downtown area one more piece of public art.

Before they could start drawing, they first had to figure out what they wanted to show.

“We discussed about what we are going to do and what we were going to brainstorm about," Northside student Benson Eiland said.

The students voted to show off the theme of health and safety.

Nancy Efurd and Eumia Fullerton were two teachers who helped the students during the entire process.

Once they had their theme, Efurd said each student had the chance to draw something that they think showed off their theme.

For some, that meant unicorns playing soccer or vegetables walking.

“I drew a banana walking with a strawberry and a Pikachu eating a strawberry," said student Gia Weier.

"I drew me flying into space," student Kennedi Harviston said.

Fullerton explained it took about four weeks from beginning to end.

Many of the kids said their favorite part about the entire thing was simply getting to draw what they wanted.

Fullerton said the mural is more than just an art project for the kids.

She sees it as an inspiration for other young students to never stop creating.

“When they come to STEAM class, oh Mrs. Fullerton talks everyday about being creative and being innovative and it's okay if you have different ideas than anyone else, that’s how we change the world and all of those things," Fullerton said. "So, I think that’s what it means.”

Some of the kids said they never imagined they would see their art on the side of a building.

Efurd said it was very interesting to see where the kids' imaginations took all of them during the creation process.