Rogers Father Facing Deportation To Stay In The U.S., For Now

ROGERS (KFSM) -- For the first time in weeks Victor Galindo, church deacon and father of five, can breathe easy.

His lawyer submitted an appeal to pause his deportation process which was set to start last Sunday (April 15).

"This is amazing he helped me a lot, "said Galindo.

He cannot help but replay his oldest son's reaction to the good news in his mind.

"He was crying and I said 'why you cry?' and he's crying because he's so happy," said Galindo.

Two weeks ago, the father received a deportation notice from Immigration Customs Enforcement.

He reached out to several lawyers and all of them told him there was nothing they could do.

Instead of accepting that fate his church rallied over 1,000 signatures of support online, and in the community, to present to state lawmakers and a judge.

"If Victor didn't have so many people that cared about him and loved him, we might not be in this situation," said Pastor Shawn Wallace.

Pastor Wallace tells 5NEW while this is good new, he understands they still have a long way to go.

"It's still a really difficult situation and a really hard uphill battle, but were hopeful that maybe God can pull something out."

For now, Victor is counts each day as a blessing.

"Any day I stay with my family I'm so happy," said Galindo, "Every minute I stay here, I'm happy. I know God is with me."