Cave Springs Water Main At Risk For Breaking

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CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- A temporary fix to a Cave Springs water main is at risk for breaking over the weekend if thunderstorms are strong enough.

City leaders agreed to give Mayor Travis Lee the authority to use whatever funds necessary to repair the water main if it breaks.

The main initially broke in February, and the temporary fix isn't holding up as well as the city planned. With rain in the forecast, one crew spent hours Friday (April 20) repairing what they could.

Because this main affects the alignment of all of the water mains throughout Cave Springs, the entire city could be placed on a boil order if they don't repair it fast enough.

Lee said he reached out to residents to get a plan in place.

"We're gonna work up a network with the residents over here to, over text message or some kind of communication so we can get a hold of them immediately to so if they lose pressure immediately we'll know something is broken and we can immediately get this thing shut off so it wont affect the entire city," he said.

The city is looking to gut and repair the entire main to avoid this issue in the future.

Right now, Cave Springs is estimating the repair costs at around $200,000 to $300,000.

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